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Hola! My name is Gema and I'm a sixteen-year-old teenager from Spain, as you could see. I prefer to speak spanish 'cause my english is not good enough to chat with people, but I want to improve, so if you see any mistake, tell me! :) ~I love fashionable clothes and a lot of models like Miranda Kerr and Gemma Ward, they are my inspiration <3 But of course I like other things like sweets (yummy cupcakes!), Hello Kitty, music (Tokio Hotel, McFly, 30STM...) and funny jokes! ~Nowadays, I'm doing karate (brown belt) but I like to practise sports like skateboarding or planking! hahaha In adittion, I love photography and I want to buy a reflex camera in the future. ~I want to study Medicine and learn german and japanese (my dream is go to Japan). ~I can't live without my iPhone, because I can be in touch with all the ppl I love <3 They mean my all!! <3


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For those ppl who love music, skate and tattoos, I have one thing for you: mi other account. Just click and check it.
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